Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review

husqvarna chainsaw review

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Tough jobs require tough tools, which is why this you can always rely on Husqvarna products. Of course, this Husqvarna chainsaw review is about one of their best products. It has so many great features that really make this tool stand out from the rest of the crowd. Of course, it doesn’t come as a surprise because it comes from one of the best manufacturers in the world. It has great technology and several features that will make you choose it over all other choices. The market offers a lot of products, but after reading our Husqvarna 450 chainsaw review, you will know why this one might be a perfect suit for your needs.

Now, as far as saws go, a chain saw company with the reputation of Husqvarna has come serious competition. Brands such as Stihl, Poulan Pro, Homelite, Oregon, and others have great products. This only makes it difficult for a homeowner or a rancher to decide which option to go for. With this Husqvarna chainsaw review below, we hope to clear out a few things and help you make an informed purchase decision.

husqvarna chainsaw


One of the unique features of this saw is, of course, the Smart Start. Proprietary to Husqvarna, it is a great system which allows you to easily start it. Namely, this feature makes sure that you can start the engine using almost no effort and without spending your precious time. Additionally, it can reduce the recoil cord resistance up to 40% which is definitely an easier start and less tiredness for each user.

husqvarna chainsaw review

Another great thing about it is the fact that it has a combined choke and stop mechanism. For users, this means that the engine gets properly chocked in order to start it without flooding. Additionally, of further help when starting the saw is the fact that it has a completely optimized fuel pump which makes sure that the fuel lines stay clear.

The start process

It would be of help to know how the start process goes. Namely, in order to start it, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Using your left hand, hold the front handle
  • Place the saw on the ground
  • Place your foot through the rear handle to hold it in place
  • Using your right hand, pull the starter cord
  • The engine fires

The procedure is fairly standard however you need to be cautious. Also, we would suggest taking into consideration that big boots can cause trouble when you are placing your foot through the rear handle.

First impressions

After you start it, you will notice that using it is significantly easier than with other chainsaws. This is because it is very lightweight and has awesome balance too.

Also, there is a LowVib vibration dampening system.  This system makes sure that the vibrations are reduced significantly. After a long of working, you will really love this feature because you won’t be as tired as you’ve been before.


Amongst the greatest features, in our Husqvarna chainsaw review, we simply have to mention the centrifugal air cleaning system. They have designed it in a certain way which drives the bigger dust particles away and they simply cannot reach the air filter. This prolongs the life of your chainsaw for years. Also, it benefits you because you won’t need to spend time cleaning and changing the air filter as often as you would with other chainsaws.

Design and comfort

Another astounding thing we simply cannot avoid when making our Husqvarna 450 chainsaw review is the awesome design. Namely, it benefits you with great ergonomics and the handling is a lot easier and comfortable too.

husqvarna 450 chainsaw review

Also, it has great balance and you will be able to use it for longer periods without a problem. Placed in optimum positions, the handles allow a good grip regardless of how you are cutting. Moreover, the rear handle is asymmetrical and if you want to increase your comfort while you are operating it, you can use the ergonomic trigger.

When we talk about comfort we also have to talk about weight. Namely, it weighs around 12 pounds which is not the worse nor the best you can find on the market. However, when we take into consideration the size, it will be more comfortable to work with this one rather than working with any other chainsaw.  Still, the balance together with the overall design which is ergonomically friendly is what makes this chainsaw easy to handle.

Guide bar and chain

By getting the Husqvarna you also get a chain with a length of 18 inches and a guide bar. Additionally, if you have different needs, you can equip it with bars with a length of 13 to 20 inches.

There is a chain pitch of .325 inches which is perfect for a lot of things. Also, the maximum speed it can run at is 56.89 feet per second and it is one of the best you can get for this type of chainsaws.

Also, just like other Husqvarna chainsaws, it has a system for automatic chain lubrication and you won’t use the saw without chain oil.


We are all well-aware that working with a chainsaw is very dangerous which is why whenever you are purchasing a chainsaw you must make sure that you are buying it from a reliable manufacturer. Luckily, Husqvarna is one of the best ones in the field. They keep working on improving the safety of their products. This is why they seem to offer the safest chainsaws you can find today. For that reason, the Husqvarna 450 is equipped with several features which ensure safety while you are operating it.

The chain brake

The inertia activated chain brake is one of the most valuable safety features on this chainsaw. It reduces the negative aspects of kickbacks and it also reduces the chances of kickback related injuries. It gets activated when you push forward the front hand guard and it can be done automatically and manually too. Moreover, the handguard is positioned in a way to prevent the hand even coming close to the chain if you by accident lose grip on the handle.

Of course, this saw still can kick back when it hits tough gnarls or knots. However, the chances of anyone getting hurt when this happens are put to a minimum.


When it comes to performance and safety – our Husqvarna 450 chainsaw review has indisputably shown that this is the chainsaw for it. It is equipped with some great safety features, throttle lockout, chain catcher, chain brake and whatnot. Namely, it is made to ease your life when you do the tough job of using it.  Even if you have to install the chain and the bar yourself, you will see that this won’t take more than a few minutes of your time.

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