Makita Chainsaw Review

makita chainsaw review

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Owning a chainsaw can surely make your life a lot easier. If you intend to use it around the house, it will save you time and energy when doing woodworking. Of course, instead of using a regular saw or an ax – use a chainsaw. So, if you’re thinking about getting one, but don’t know what to look for, we have a model that might just be right for you. Of course, we’re talking about the Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw. This chainsaw is pretty convenient, handy and strong that it’s not only used by homeowners. Its performance is actually beyond the needs of homeowners, that sometimes even foresters and professional landscapers are using it. Keep on reading our Makita chainsaw review to find out more about this model.

If you’ve ever looked at saws, you know that the chain saw market is pretty saturated, if not oversaturated. There are many brands, Stihl, Poulan, Husqvarna, Homelite, Oregon, Worx, and they all have quality products. It actually takes a lot for a power equipment manufacturer to be able to make something that stands out. Makita have done it with the XCU03PT1, and this has quite a few advantages over the competition. It’s not corded, but it’s an electric chain saw instead, and the construction guarantees chainsaw safety when sawing or cutting logs, both for the homeowner or operator, and the people around him.

makita chainsaw


  • Power Source: 2 x LXT 18V battery pack
  • Bar Length: 14″ (also compatible with 12″ – 16″)
  • Speed: 3490 FPS
  • Chain Pitch: 3/8″
  • Chain Gauge: 0.043″
  • Length: 30-1/2″
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds with batteries

Key Features

  • Variable speed trigger
  • “Tool-less” chain adjustment for quick and easy chain adjustment
  • Makita-built Outer Rotor BL Brushless Motor direct-drive system provides a high power efficiency equivalent to that of a gas chainsaw
  • Built-in lock-off lever
  • Two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries deliver power and performance without leaving the 18V LXT platform
  • Front hand guard engineered to actuate chain brake when engaged
  • Built-in L.E.D. on/off switch with auto power-off function; automatically shuts the saw off when operation is delayed thus extending the life of the battery
  • Low noise level and zero emissions making it really comfortable
  • Electric brake for maximum productivity
  • Features Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) designed to provide increased dust and water resistance in harsh job site conditions
  • Rubberized soft grip top handle engineered for the user to more easily apply even cutting pressure
  • Adjustable automatic chain lubrication with large oil reservoir
  • Large oil filling port with view window allowing you to easily add and check bar oil level
  • Dual Port Charger charges two (2) 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah batteries in only 45 minutes
makita chainsaw review

Brushless Motor

In order to have an effective cordless OPE, then brushless motors are a must. This Makita chainsaw uses a BL outer-rotor brushless motor in order to power it. In addition, along with the motor, Makita is using a direct drive system. This has proven very successful in previous models that Makita made and it is no different this time.

Bar Length

This model comes with a 14-inch bar, but it is also compatible when using a 12-inch or a 16-inch one too. That makes it a very good tool for limbing or felling smaller trees. It surely is more than enough for an average household.

Bucking Spikes

Unlike some other chainsaw manufacturers that use plastic, the Makita chainsaw uses metal bucking spikes. This makes it durable and able to cut through tougher materials. The bucking spikes on this chainsaw match up well with the bar length as well.

Chain Access and Tightening

Another great feature on this chainsaw is the chain access. Namely, maintenance and access are really simplified, you won’t need a tool for it. All it takes are 3 quick steps. The first thing you do is push the spring-loaded lever, this releases it. Second, you swing it out and third, you start to turn it, which loosens it from the bolt.

Chain tightening is simple too. yes, this is also tool-free. The first thing you do is loosen the housing of the chain access, just a little. Afterwards, you use the thumb wheel to loosen or tighten the chain.

Safety Features

There are three main safety features in this Makita chainsaw. First, before you can engage the motor, you need to press the power button. It might take a bit of a getting used to if you’re a gas engine chainsaw user. A very good thing is that the button resets quickly once you move your finger from the trigger. Still, it’s a good feature, keeping in mind that a cordless chainsaw doesn’t make a sound to let you know it’s ready to use. The second feature is the handguard. This prevents the saw from powering up when it is set in a lock position. Along with that, there is a chain brake that stops the chain once you release the trigger. Despite these safety features, we recommend that you leave the batteries out until you plan to start using it. Also, the basics are a good idea, so wear safety glasses, gloves, and a chainsaw chaps.

makita electric chainsaw reviews


This model cuts flawlessly, without a doubt. With its thin bar and chain, it cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter. Including tougher wood, like oak. If you want to get the most out of this chainsaw, then the secret lies in maintenance.  Keeping a sharp chain is the main idea, but there are additional things you need to keep an eye for. Like cleaning the saw and maintaining the oil level. The runtime can vary. It depends on the type of wood you’re cutting and the diameter of it. But it is pretty fast compared to other cordless chainsaws.


Makita is known for making comfortable chainsaws. Customers were satisfied with previous models, and things are getting even better with this one. It differs a little in physical design. The most noticeable improvement is bringing back the D-handle and moving the batteries to the middle of the saw instead of the back. It gives it that traditional look and feel. By moving the batteries they’ve improved the balance of the chainsaw. One of the best things about this chainsaw is that the saw does most of the work for you (as long as you keep the chain sharp). It is very light as well, it cuts powerfully and smoothly. Leaving you feeling satisfied without putting too much effort into it.


With all being said we can come to the conclusion that the Makita chainsaw is one of the best cordless chainsaws out there. It does a great job when it comes to limbing, felling small trees or trimming. With its lightweight, cordless feature, it gives a smooth yet powerful performance. Making it one of the best in the 14-inch class. One thing is sure, you won’t regret getting it!

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