Poulan Pro Chainsaw Review

poulan pro chainsaw review

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If you didn’t know what to get next, our Poulan Pro 20 chainsaw review has the product for you. We are talking about an exceptional gas chainsaw which is really worth your buck and you will use it for years to come too. If you didn’t know so far, it is owned by Husqvarna and it is a great thing because a lot of the parts of the Poulan pro are the exact same as other Husqvarna products. Yeah, everybody loves Husqvarna’s anti-vibration system and this one has it. If you didn’t believe us, disassemble it and you will see the unique “H” on a lot of components. Keep on reading our Poulan Pro chainsaw review to see how impressed you will be with it. It is a great option, and it’s on our list of best chainsaws for a couple of reasons.

poulan pro chainsaw


As we mentioned, what you get by purchasing the Poulan Pro is high quality, equivalent to all products of Husqvarna. Even if there are small differences between other Husqvarna products and this one, is the sturdy and high-quality construction and the reliability you seek in a product.

Also, by purchasing the Poulan Pro, you get a super-powerful 50.8 cc chainsaw. Also, you get a 20” bar and chain. So, if you are a homeowner and you want it for occasional jobs, this chainsaw is a great thing for you. You get more than enough power and you save yourself from having to invest too much in a chainsaw you rarely use.

Another great thing about this gas chainsaw is the anti-vibration handles. This feature only adds to your comfort of use every time you need it. Of course, this is not the only feature that makes sure this chainsaw is easy to use, the spring-assisted starter system is another great thing it offers. You can easily start it, even if you don’t have professional skills. This chainsaw is built to last and once you have it, you will use it for years to come.

poulan pro chainsaw review

If you have to spend a lot of time working with it, then you will find that the anti-vibration handles are very helpful. We are all well-aware that the vibration of power tools can cause damage and injuries. Although gloves which have anti-vibration feature exist, having a chainsaw with anti-vibration handles is much more helpful.


Also, your Poulan Pro comes with a patented DuraLife engine. This is a good feature for several reasons. First off, it has chromium plated cylinders and they increase the durability of the product. Also, because of the engine being strengthened overall, it ensures long-term usage of the chainsaw. On the other hand, the chainsaws are also extremely durable – they can take almost anything which is how you know that this chainsaw is simply made to last.

Another great thing when it comes to the durability of this chainsaw is the fact that it has Super-Clean air filter system. This means that with a good system, your filter is expected to last much longer. Additionally, this means that you won’t use power and it reduces the fuel consumption. It is definitely a chainsaw with high-quality components which is well-engineered too.

Design and comfort

When it comes to finding a good chainsaw for your specific needs, one of the most important things is weight. If it weighs too much, you simply won’t be able to do a good job or you will not be able to do it for longer periods of time. However, this chainsaw is not as heavy as other chainsaws which offer the same features. Of course, you will have the best time cutting firewood, small and medium trees. Still, if you have no experience whatsoever, you might find this one a bit heavy. If you are average sized with an average person’s strength, this chainsaw will fit you perfectly.

poulan pro 20 chainsaw review

Who is this chainsaw a good choice for

If you were looking for a chainsaw which is balanced and has ample power this might be an ideal choice. It offers cutting effectiveness and it is not pricey as one would expect. In fact, regardless of the price, this chainsaw is far from cheaply made. The quality will surprise you!

Moreover, if you were wondering if this is the choice for you, we will make a few things very clear. This chainsaw is a great choice if you have to do all-around work. Property maintenance, firewood cutting or cutting smaller trees, you name it. Also, it is a one-time-buy. Once you buy it, you will surely stick to it because it is super durable. Of course, this is because of the clean air system and the professional style clutch cover.

Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning and doing maintenance tasks on your tools, we have great news. This chainsaw has an easy-to-access air filter and you will be able to clean it in no time. You don’t even need to use tools to do it.

Lastly, if you were looking for some awesome features in one power-tool, this one has them all. It has a spark plug, effortless pull starting system, an on-board-locking wrench holder which is part of the rear handle and it also has a 20-inch bar length. You don’t even have to assemble it because you get it fully assembled. Also, it has an automatic chain oiling system which is another great benefit of using it without having to worry.


One cannot possibly seek for something else. As we talked about all these features in our Poulan Pro chainsaw review, you must’ve realized by now that this tool has it all. It has some super features, it has high-quality components and it is made to last. So, if you want a tool you can buy and won’t need to replace it for years to come, this one is for you. With it, you get it with a high-quality carrying case which means you can easily take it with you, wherever you need to go. We have to conclude our Poulan Pro 20 chainsaw review by saying that this chainsaw is a great choice. You get quality, performance, durability, and reliability without overpaying for them too.

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